boot camp strathfield

Boot camp strathfield


Timetable - Boot Camp Strathfield


Mondays 9:00am-Re-Launch 2014
Wednesdays 9:00am-Re-Launch 2014
Fridays 9:00am-Re-Launch 2014


Join Boot Camp Strathfield for a free trial session without any obligation! These classes are held in 6 week intervals. You don't have to wait 6 weeks to join, but your course completes 6 weeks after your first session!

Why Join Strathfield Boot Camp?
About the course!

Urban Boot Camp Strathfield motivates you to reach your weight loss and fitness goal. So don’t waste your money on fad diets or a gym membership that you will not use. Boot Camp Strathfield is a better and cheaper alternative with a reachable result.

Our current Boot Camp Strathfield member says “Before Boot Camp Strathfield, I used to hate exercise. I joined the gym a number of times to only let it expire without using it. I liked the thought of being fit and losing weight but it was harder to achieve as I always made an excuse not to attend the gym. I had to literally force myself to workout and my motivation would slacken off eventually. This habit did get expensive. What I like about Boot Camp Strathfield is that it is a 6 week challenge which enables me to have a date in mind and my goals are reachable. I don’t have to mentally coerce myself to attend because it’s a fun, inviting environment”.

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Location - "Strathfield Park"
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